Plug In. Get Involved.

Serving-opportunites.jpgAs 2017 draws to a close, let us reflect on the many ways God has blessed our church plant this past year. Only twelve short months ago, a handful of people with a heart for reaching the lost for God’s kingdom started meeting in Pastor Withrow’s home. We’ve come a long way! We’ve grown together as a church family, forming bonds with each other along the way. We have many wonderful ministries in place with many more in the works. God is doing wonderful things in and through our church!

As we move forward into 2018, we invite you to prayerfully plug yourself into our Church family and any of our great ministries. Become active and involved. Use your talents and God given gifts to serve the one who has given them to you! When we pool our gifts together, God will use us to move mountains!

Wondering how you can get involved? Here are some areas where we could use your help! Sign-up sheets are available in the Welcome Center.

Special Needs

  • Plan Special needs awareness outreach events throughout the year
  • Reach out to special needs individuals in our community
  • Provide support to families of special needs individuals
  • Find ways to accommodate the special needs of individuals within our church

Senior Citizens Ministry

  • Plan Bingo and other Senior outreach events
  • Find ways to meet the needs of seniors within our church
  • Provide support to shut-ins

Children’s Ministry

  • Children’s Church Workers
  • Royal Rangers
  • Mpact Girls
  • Nursery Workers


  • Provide transportation assistance to make sure everyone is able to attend our church functions

Decorations Committee

  • Create decorations and props for children’s programs and special events
  • Work together to make sure events have a theme and purchase and coordinate décor to go along with the chosen theme
  • Set up and take down decorations for special events

Food Committee

  • Prepare Menu for Wednesday Night Services and special events
  • Work together to prepare food menu items
  • Clean up Eating areas and Kitchen after meals


  • Brainstorm ideas to promote Outreach Church and our upcoming events
  • Promote upcoming church events through social media and printed materials
  • Keep the community informed on upcoming events



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